Andy Traines


Andy Traines

It began with a love of Theatre...

After an undergrad education at Brown University and the masters program in theatre arts at Brandeis, Andy went to New York to start his professional life as an actor. Most of the opportunities were off-­‐Broadway and off-­‐off Broadway work with one foray onto a Broadway stage in an infamous production of "The Canterbury Tales" as the Little Monk. Studying theatre, the arts of storytelling, dramatic construction, acting, directing and production design laid the groundwork.

Andy was lured into the commercial production business at the prospect of being Paul Newman's driver for a Datsun campaign. Fighting through the initial disappointment on finding that Mr. Newman already had a driver, Andy worked his way up through the ranks in New York to become a line producer, working primarily for Iris Films and Fertig Productions for whom he produced a documentary of Moscow's Tchaikovsky Competition directed by Bill Fertig.
Andy moved to Los Angeles and started working there as the bidder for Smillie Films. In time, he became head of production for both Smillie Films and, the then fledgling, Tool of North America and later EP for Smillie Films. In November '96, Traines was recruited to Propaganda as an executive producer. After a two-­‐year stint, he went to Omaha Pictures, where he worked till April of 2000, at which time he joined Anonymous as co-­‐head of the commercial division.

He executive produced for such directors as David Fincher, David Kellogg, Mark Romanek, Andrew Douglas, David Slade, Malcolm Venville and Garth Davis to name a few. He booked and supervised projects which shot in every corner of the globe, many of which were designed for various platforms. He also started and supervised V3, Anonymous' integrated media division, with Sylvia Kahn.

In March of 2009, Andy left Anonymous to pursue his own venture. In August, he became a partner and managing director of BRW USA, an internationally-­‐based production company.

In October of 2011, Andy joined The Sweet Shop as managing director of the company's North and South American operations.

He left the company in July of 2013 to set up a consulting company, AT Consulting which services the international advertising community.

He was a member of the AICP West Board from 1999 to 2011 and served as president from 2003 to 2005.


What's our bright idea?

Our mission is to work hand-in-hand with our clients to fulfill needs that enrich their brand and profitability.

Bright IdeasUsing our expertise and array of contacts, we serve production companies, agencies, and individuals to further their businesses or careers, enhancing their marketing and sales, navigating the changing landscape of the advertising industry, sourcing talent and helping to determine the best way forward. Because of the way our companies are structured, there is little time for business development, to see what’s going on around us and laying the groundwork for tomorrow. Most of us are too busy keeping up with the day-to-day and then trying to adapt after the fact. Think of playing musical chairs in which the music is getting faster and faster. The chairs are not only removed, one or two at a time, but also increasingly scattered about the room. That’s our industry today.

We offer a solution...


Pocket ExecutiveThe Pocket Executive

In our production world, we love to speak of working 'lean and mean.' In the past few years, we've only gotten leaner and meaner. The good news is that it keeps overhead to a minimum. The not-so-good news is that there may be necessary roles and functions that are neglected. Often, they are not dealt with until there is an ISSUE. Then, it can take twice the time, energy and money to deal with that ISSUE. AT Consulting offers you a consultant with executive expertise who can, not only help you assess your company in the present but also someone who has an eye to the future, hence, the pocket executive, someone that you keep in your back pocket, who can be a third eye, a brainstormer, and, who, with a rolodex the size of Texas, can introduce you to new contacts worldwide.

1) Marketing and Sales


"polishing and recutting
the diamond"

  • Strengthening the company's brand
  • Enhancing the company's position vis a vis the industry
  • Setting accountable marketing goals
  • Empowering the sales force

2) Business Development


"bringing the view from 30,000 feet to ground level"

  • Gaining knowledge of the industry’s evolution, aka “the big picture”
  • Breaking into new territories
  • Developing new revenue streams
  • Making strategic alliances
  • Planning for future expansionFinding solutions to business issues

3) Staffing

Bee Hive

"working from the inside out to bring the bees to the honey"

  • Increasing the efficiency of the core staff
  • Maximizing the productivity of the creative roster
  • Finding solutions in outside sources

Modus Operandi

Very simply….For our part, it’s about connecting the dots in a methodical, well thought-out way:

1. Determining the needs
2. Setting achievable goals that fulfill those needs
3. Creating a plan and schedule that allows for accountability
4. Setting weekly or monthly goals against which progress can be measured
5. Adjusting, revising, resetting and keep going
6. Celebrating the victories….small and big…


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