Who We Are

As seasoned pros in digital and film for more than 30+ years, the team at AT Consulting has seen (and done) it all.  We’ve also watched the commercial production industry change.  Today’s executive producers and directors have fewer resources and lower budgets than ever. It’s harder and harder to find time for anything but getting the job done.

That’s where AT Consulting comes in.  With our experience in the film and digital production business, we can help you evaluate your team and processes, build your brand, find new opportunities and strategically position your production company for success.

First, let’s meet the team.

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Andy Traines, Managing Partner

Andy Traines is all about digital and film production.  It is and has been his passion for decades, and he’s worked with the best of the best. He has worked with, learned from and been inspired by visionaries, rule-breakers, innovators and luminaries for more than 30 years.

Andy’s resume reads like a Who’s Who In Video and Film Production.  He’s been the executive producer for renowned directors like David Fincher, David Kellogg, Mark Romanek, Andrew Douglas, David Slade, Malcolm Venville and Garth Davis.

He was Co-Head of the Commercial Division of Anonymous Content.  Executive Producer for Omaha Pictures, Executive Producer at Propaganda.  Head of Production/EP at Smillie Films.

Early in his career he was a line producer for Iris Films and Fertig Productions in New York. He earned a reputation as a hard worker, innovative problem solver and a great bottom line producer.

Before entering the world of video and film, he was an actor in New York, performing on Broadway, off-Broadway and off-off Broadway.  He studied theatre arts at Brandeis University, learning the art of storytelling, dramatic construction, acting and directing.

Andy has seen the industry change and watched many production companies stay chained to the past. Digital and film advertising as we know it is ending, thanks to new technologies like ad blocker software and internet analytics. It’s important to have a broader vision of what’s happening in the market, and know how to find new ways to be a vibrant part of the future.  AT Consulting can help you get there.

Marc Siegel, Co-Founder, Partner

Like Andy, Marc has worked with blue-chip production companies and top clients throughout his career of 30+ years. His projects have taken him around the world twice, and to almost every state in the Union.  He’s worked on projects for more ad agencies than he can count.

His resume speaks volumes, having worked with some of the most respected and talented innovators and powerhouses in the industry before co-founding AT Consulting with Andy Traines in 2013.

He served as Head of Production at Independent Media, Inc., overseeing productions for Doug Liman, Janusz Kaminski, Jean Jeunet, Tony Goldwyn, Tucker Gates, Greg Baldi and Patrick Dempsey, to name a few.

In 2005, he was a key player with Nathan McGuinness in launching Kommitted Films, the live action arm of Asylum Visual Effects Company.

He also served as Executive Producer at blindfaith, M80 Films and Fabrication Films.

Early in his career, he served as line producer for A list directors like Leslie Dektor, Howard Guard, Richard Avedon, Cosimo, Martin Bell, Libman/Williams, Hiro, Maxine Tabak and Willi Patterson.

He also has a background in music production, having booking concert tours in Japan as a young man.  And like many accomplished producers, he began his career as an actor.

He’s seen it all, done it all and knows how to impart wisdom and business savvy to help clients thrive in today’s competitive environment.