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The video and film production industry isn’t what it used to be. But that doesn’t mean your production company or stable of directors can’t survive and thrive. At AT Consulting, we help production companies, agencies and individuals navigate the changing landscape of the advertising community.

• Personnel Development
Every production company has one or two directors that could be doing better, with just a little coaching. Our team can help young directors (and producers) develop their presentation and communication skills and help them reach the next level.

• Strategies For Pitches
How can you make the best first impression during the conference call with potential clients? What’s the best way to present your story in a compelling way? How can you position yourself to win the job from the first phone call?

• Getting To Know Clients
How do you find out if these are people you want to work with? How do you build a relationship over the phone and win the project? What are warning signs?

• Creating A Reel

Agencies and clients aren’t choosing directors with the same criteria of the past. Find out what they’re looking for, how you can break through the clutter and how to capture their attention.

• Sales And Marketing
Want to turn your sales force into a project-closing machine? We’ll review their strengths and weaknesses, examine current sales processes and provide you with an analysis and plan to help them succeed more! We’ll help your sales force set marketing goals, hone their skills and create winning presentations.

• Developing New Revenue Streams

As the advertising industry changes, learn how to change with it and provide solutions. Learn how to become relevant and irreplaceable in the new world of advertising, marketing and digital media.

• Create Strategic Alliances

Find out how partnering with the right players can make it easier for you to drive revenue and profitability. We’ll help you identify, target and create winning alliances.

• Brand Power
We’ll help you evaluate and strengthen your brand and enhance your position in today’s competitive landscape.

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