The Silver Bullet For Executive Producers And Directors

The film and video production world is more competitive than ever before. Production companies are faced with shrinking budgets, fewer resources and less person-power to get the job done. Executive producers are so busy trying to win projects, handle business affairs and manage day-to-day productions. There just isn’t enough time to groom young directors or take a step back to view the “big picture” about trends in the industry and how they affect your business.

We Can Help Your Production Company And Directors Succeed

AT Consulting has a track record of success, working with production company clients and directors in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Texas and other markets. Each member of our team has more than 30 years of experience in the business and can help you thrive in the ever-changing digital and film production marketplace.

  • We listen, ask questions and thoroughly examine your business.
  • We provide a thorough analysis of your business, brand, operations, roster, sales, marketing and PR. We’ll identify opportunities for improvement and challenges to overcome.
  • We help you define goals and create a custom plan of action. This can include recruiting your ideal sales team.
  • We help directors hone their “pitching” skills, providing coaching, strategies and proactive tools so you make the best first impression when talking to agencies and clients. No more missed opportunities!
  • We help executive producers with client management, bidding, reviewing treatments, overseeing shoots, post production management and managing directors and relationships.


Transform Your Company Performance

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