We are skilled in every aspect of the production business—from contracts for agency directors and unions to executive producing and staffing and more. We work with all types of media and all types of clients.
It starts with a questionnaire for your company that examines your brand, sales and marketing, operations and staffing. Using your input, together we’ll prioritize your needs and then devise a customized, detailed plan to achieve the goals that will take your company to a new level. Knowing that accountability is everything, we track our progress to make suregoals are met in a timely manner.
Yes. A business plan can help a company develop a vision and institute a plan to realize that vision. At AT Consulting, we utilize an easy-to-use program that covers the fundamentals of the Pitch, the Plan and, most importantly, the Financials.
We predominantly work with content production and promo companies,from well established entities to start-ups and everything in between. Our clients tend to be in LA, New York, Chicago, Miami and other major markets, but we’ve helped many production companies in emerging markets, as well.
Yes. We understand the ins and outs of union contracts and know what’s required, what’s appropriate and what’s not. We also work with non-union companies and help them find the most effective way to maximize their status to potential clients.
Absolutely. We are very connected in both the major and secondary markets and have developed relationships throughout the industry. We know how to find the perfect match between production companies and sales reps, weighing work styles, personalities, strengths, goals, contacts and opportunities that result in a win-win. It’s all about finding the right rep firm to help you win more business. You just can’t afford to make a hiring mistake when the marketplace is this competitive.
First, you have to get invited to pitch. We're experts at building reels that connect with and have the greatest impact on potential clients. Once in, you need to understand where you stand in the bidding pool and how you can position yourself for success. The devil is truly in the details. We can also help you strategize and prepare for the pitch itself, preparing a flawless and memorable presentation that leaves a lasting impression.
We'd love to. We have many years of experience in both the EP and producer roles and are happy to share our knowledge and expertise. Oftentimes, we find that a little bit of coaching can take a producer to a whole new level.
Of course.In our experience, many directors 'just want to shoot.' They love theact of filmmaking and leap at every opportunity that comes their way. That strategy (or lack thereof) simply doesn’t work in today’s ad market. It’s important for directors to define a niche or a narrow range that defines their body of work so they can be easily identified and remembered by ad agencies and brands. To determine and define that nicheor niches, the right questions need to be asked and strategies developed. It’s also equally important to select the right projects that will lay the groundwork and build a solid reputation and career.
Yes, we offer a range of workshop topics. A workshop is a great way to build cohesiveness within a production company. Our most popular workshop focuses on the entire production company process including marketing the director, conference call prepping, treatment processes and follow-up calls with the agency or client. We strategize about processes, communication styles, closing the deal and more. The ideal workshop size is 8-10, so there is substantial sharing, learning and team building..
We are not recruiters per se. However, we do have relationships with excellent recruiters and often work together when the need arises.
We have a vast array of foreign contacts and have EP-ed jobs all over the world. We can help you pinpoint those countries that will work for your project and the service companies that you can trust.
Our pricing is based on the unique needs of our clients and their projects. However, as a rule, clients are surprised to learn how affordable we are. Once we’ve determined your needs and the scope of your project, we’ll develop a plan of action with a finite timetable, price and payment schedule you can live with. Should you be interested in monthly consultation, we can negotiate a low base rate with additional payments made only whengoals are achieved.